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News about Tenders

From tax awareness to corporate financing
    Our free programme entitled "From tax awareness to corporate financing" ? theory and practice, for SMEs, in the framework of the application scheme KKC-2008-V organised by the Ministry for National Development and Economy (Hungarian abbreviation: NFGM) has been completed successfully.

Extension training courses: "Communication in interest representing organisations" and "CSR in interest representing organisations"
    Funding from the application scheme launched in the framework of the Operative Programme for Social Renewal (TÁMOP 2.5.1) with the aim of improving and enhancing interest representing organisations? capacities enabled the organisation of the above two - suppletory - extension training courses which were attended by more than 100 representatives of some 60 different interest representing organisations. Superb presentations were delivered by high profile experts of the various fields and some "homework" was also assigned to the participants. We are pleased to be able to send the background materials to those interested in these topics at request.

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Statistics, Reports, Studies

Committee for supervising the "whitewashing" of the economy
    As we have recently in one of our electronic Flash News already announced, has the Committee of Three (one of the members is the President of our Association, Mr. István Fekete), which was set up by the Prime Minister some time ago, published its reports to the theme of whitening the economy.
    The full scale reports and the press coverage may be downloaded from the homepage: www.feheredes.org

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Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

business brunch
May 8. 2015.

Recent events

Tibor Navracsics EU Commissioner, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
business brunch
April 16. 2015.

Mihály Varga Minister of National Economy
business lunch
March 26. 2015.

Current foreign trade policy of the Government
Dr. László Szabó Deputy Minister, Parliamentary State Secretary

January 27. 2015.

End-of-the-Year Party
December 3. 2014.

Growth incentives. Direct or financial investment?
September 10. 2014.

June 16. 2014.

Expat (every)Days in practice
May 8. 2014.

March 19. 2014.

Why is the Hungarian growth sustainable?
Speaker: Mr. György Matolcsy

January 15. 2014.

JVA ,s End-of-the-year Party
December 4. 2013.

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